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Aubrey Horttor

Aubrey Horttor is a Senior Case Manager at Moet Law Group. She believes that effective case management comes down to being detail-oriented, solution-focused, and having true empathy for every single client and their unique situation. With over 10 combined years of customer service and legal case management experience, she is confident in her ability to assist attorneys in devising strategies to maximize a client's treatment as well as monetary recovery.  She believes creative problem solving and having intrinsic knowledge of accident-related injuries combined with a compassionate yet succinct style of communication are fundamental building blocks for gaining and maintaining the trust of clients. 

Aubrey knows just how unnerving and life-altering an auto accident can be. Assisting those that are injured, in need, and uncertain of the next step to take is her passion and her commitment to clients is second to none. 

In addition to being an accomplished Case Manager, Aubrey is also a certified Notary Public, licensed aesthetician, an avid painter, and a skilled creative writer.

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