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Drunk Driving

We are dedicated to each and every client with our concierge type of practice. Getting a DUI does not have to be the end. A DUI is a serious offense and should be treated as such, but it is a charge that a DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer can beat. We can help reduce your fine, avoid jail time, save your drivers license and negotiate aggressively to lighten your sentence or better yet even walk away FREE!

Of all the choices facing you, none is more important than your choice of attorney. A reputable lawyer can help you understand the charges against you, the defense available to you, as well as the preparations you can make before your trial. As a dedicated criminal defense attorney serving the greater Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside County our clients always receive nothing but the best as our focus is geared towards DUI Defense.

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We are a full fledged Personal Injury & Accident law firm. Our main focus is on helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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