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Truck Accidents

Injuries and damage which result from accidents involving Semi trucks tend to be more severe than those which occur when two passenger vehicles collide. These collisions often lead to fatalities. What's more, truck accident survivors face a far greater risk of the need for long-term medical care caused by injuries which can leave permanent damage.

Truck Accident Statistics

People traveling in cars are more vulnerable if involved in an accident with a truck because of the sheer difference in size and weight. U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) statistics for 2017 show that of the 4,102 people who died in large truck crashes, only 17% were truck occupants. Sixty-eight % were occupants of passenger vehicles and 14% were cyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians. This is an alarming increase of 30%, compared to 2009. 

The overriding cause of truck accidents include brake failures and driver fatigue. Loaded trucks require 20 to 40% more time than cars to come to a stop. This distance increases if brakes are poorly maintained or even with adequate equipment when roads are wet. Even though federal laws allow truck drivers to drive up to 11 hours at a stretch, most drivers routinely cross these boundaries, leading to driver fatigue. Unfortunately, distracted driving is another contributor which causes for all traffic-related deaths – including truck accidents. 

Truck Accident Locations

Semi Truck Car Accident

Accident Causes

Only 15% of accidents involving trucks occur on minor roads. Some 52% happen on major roads. And 32% occur on interstates and highways. 

How to File for Compensation

Take special care when filing a claim for compensation following an accident with a truck. In fact, do not attempt to do so without assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney. This type of case is complex. Laws and the insurance types carried by trucking companies are riddled with minute data. Large corporations, which own many trucking lines, have deep pockets. This means they can use their resources against you, even if the accident was not your fault. So, endeavor to seek out the right advice from the start.
Typically, a truck accident claim can involve numerous parties, including the driver, the dispatcher, his or her employer and (if the truck is hired), the owner. In fact, depending on accident cause, the manufacturer of the truck may even become involved. Finally, the insurance companies of all interested parties, government organizations and other third parties may become involved in the matter.


Accident Causes

Carelessness leads to many accidents (whether a truck is involved or not). So, even if police fail to pick up on finer points of the underlying cause of the collision, your attorney and investigative team might be able to uncover less obvious causes. We consider every possible cause when representing our clients – negligent hiring practices, insufficient training or inadequate supervision – to name a few. Furthermore, our teams look into the driver's work schedule to identify fatigue, check for other violations, instances of driving under the influence or of operating equipment under the influence of medications (prescribed and Over the Counter) and finally, for signs of distracted or aggressive driving. 

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