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If you love the feel of the wind whistling in your face as you race at high speeds in the open air, you aren’t alone. Jalopnik reports that more people are riding motorcycles these days than ever before. Unfortunately, however, this combination hobby/mode of transportation carries a high degree of risk. Everything riders love about their bikes also makes them dangerous.

According to the most recent statistics offered by the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA), an average 5,000 motorcyclists are killed as a result of traffic collisions each year. What’s more, those who survive crashes tragically often experience debilitating pain, high medical bills, extensive rehabilitation, associated loss of wages and compromised motor and/or cognitive function.

Driver Error

Rather than user-error, many experts believe that most motorcycles that crash into cars do so because of a phenomenon called Inattentional Blindness or Change Blindness. These terms refer to the failure of someone to notice something even as they are looking right at it. Unfortunately, this occurs all too often relative to drivers who hit motorcycles while in transit. Car/motorcycle crashes are common. In fact, the most harmful event for 3,019 (57%) of the 5,326 motorcycles involved in fatal crashes in 2017 were collisions with motor vehicles in transport. Considering the fact that motorcycles make up just three percent of all registered vehicles, the percentage is high.

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Safety Steps

While you may not be able to control the actions of other people on the road, you can take steps to be safe while you’re driving your motorcycle:

  1. Understand the inherent dangers of driving a motorcycle.
  2. Anticipate the likelihood of Blindness-While-Paying-attention.
  3. Drive only when you are alert and able to maintain focus throughout the entire trip.
  4. Match speed to road conditions.
  5. Wear appropriate safety gear.
  6. Learn about vehicle and motorcycle safety in a progressive manner.
  7. Turn on motorcycle lights day or night – whenever you hop on your bike.
  8. Maintain lane placement. Stay inside your lane for maximum safety.

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