When should you hire a car accident attorney?

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You probably don’t think about this while you’re on the road. But car insurance companies keep scores of personal injury lawyers on retainer to protect their interests. To even the playing field, if you’re involved in a collision, don’t go it alone. This is particularly important if you are injured in the crash. Protect your own interests by hiring a personal injury legal team like the ones at Moet Law in Ontario, California.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY

Unless you’re into David-and-Goliath scenarios, don’t try to face corporate attorneys who work to protect the interests of billion-dollar insurance companies. Even if you think you’re getting a fair shake, without representation, you’re likely to settle for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars less than the amount to which you may be entitled. In fact, your insurance company, or the agency representing the person who crashed into you, might deny your claim altogether. And would you know they’re ripping you off if this occurs? Most drivers remain blissfully unaware of their legal rights. What’s more, without ready knowledge about the insurance process, many accident victims are ill-prepared to join, let alone win, the fight.

Don’t Hire a Large Legal Firm

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While the first most important point is that you shouldn’t try to represent yourself in a car accident lawsuit, it’s equally important that you do not hire a large legal firm that settles more cases than they litigate. They do this to contain costs. Since closing cases improves their bottom line, they prefer that to the more lengthy, drawn-out lawsuits that end up in front of a judge or jury.

While this may not seem significant if the accident was relatively minor, know that you could suffer ill effects from the crash weeks, months or even years after the initial impact. We work with medical professionals as well as neutral insurance companies; so we know how to assess damage more than someone with less experience. And since we work on a contingency basis, you won’t incur medical (or other) costs related to your claim. In fact, we don’t get paid unless you do. So, our interests are always aligned.

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Why You Should Call MOET

When you call Moet Law, you’ll speak directly to one of our personal injury lawyers. We won’t farm you out to a paralegal or legal secretary. Instead, we work directly with each client, so we understand and address their concerns. Instead of pouring millions of dollars into advertising campaigns, we rely on referrals. So, we place a premium on quality customer service. We develop close working relationships with our clients. With us, you won’t be just another case number and a paycheck.

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